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Making Dreams Come True is Our Business & Our Pleasure!

Imagine walking into your special event site and seeing 
that it has been transformed into a beautiful paradise of elegant
balloon decoration, designed especially for you! 


Our balloon decoration can create a fantasy engagement and unforgettable memories. 
We have a portfolio of original  photographs as well as a "idea book" of design which
show the decorating skills that have helped make memories that last a lifetime.

Balloon decorations create value in a way no other decor can. 
You fill lots of space and make a dramatic statement for a small amount of money.

 A fully inflated 11-inch balloon has over two and a half square feet of surface
area.  Think about this:  one hundred inflated 11-inch balloons have over 260
square feet of surface area.  No other form of decorating provides as much
visual impact for as little money as balloons do.

Balloon decorations can maximize your budget, giving you the client the
most atmosphere, visual impact, excitement and value for the money
therefore making it suitable for abroad range of events.

Stop!  Before you purchase an expensive item check with Craziefun Creations.   
Set-up and delivery is can be arranged, to not only save you time and money,
but you will save stress on your special day. 

Call (714) 585-7856 to make an appointment and see how much we can save you!