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Frequently Asked Questions - Balloon Decor



1. Why should we use balloons over more traditional decorations? 
Balloon decor provides a tremendous visual impact while enhancing the atmosphere and increasing excitement. Spirits soar at the sight of colorful balloons. Balloon colors can be coordinated with your color scheme, helping focus everyone's attention on the bridal/head table or dance floor. Balloon sculptures can be dramatic backdrops for a photo. Our balloon decoration can create a fantasy wedding and unforgettable memories. We have a portfolio of original photographs as well as a "idea book" of design which show the decorating skills that have helped make weddings memories that last a lifetime. 


 2. We are on a strict budget, can we really afford the luxury of hiring a professional decorator? We were thinking of doing it ourselves.  
Before you buy all your supplies, draft family and friend who have no prior experience. Let us give you a quote. We pride ourselves on working closely within your budget to get you the best decorations for your money. We have many bridal packages that will make your wedding a event to remember. We think from the guest of honor point of view and concentrate on using the most effective technique to support your objectives. As balloon professionals we take special care during the preparation of your balloon decor to ensure that memories of your special day will be just what your desire-something very special. Beside do you really want to spend hours decorating your reception hall when you could be soaking in a bubble bath or getting your nails done, instead. 


3. Where are you located and what hours are you open? 
To serve our brides better, we are not in the hectic retail business and are located in a quiet home studio in Anaheim, California. So that you may have our undivided attention, we go by appointment only and have both weekday and weekend hours available. 


4. We would like you to do the decoration for our wedding reception. How far in advance should we reserve our date with you? 
The sooner the better! Even if you don't know exactly what you want, by reserving your date you insure that we will be free for your wedding day. To ensure that we give you our very best we limit ourselves to no more than two event per weekend.